Men’s Lacrosse Dominate San Diego

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Mar 292007
Authors: Grant Meech

The University of California at San Diego came to Fort Collins on Thursday but they forgot to bring that California weather with them. But for the men’s lacrosse team, they wouldn’t need it as they trounced the Tritons, 17-4.

It took the Rams just 52 seconds to get on the board when midfielder Ryan MacDonald beat the UCSD goalie. The Rams poured it on the Tritons and would not relinquish the lead, ending the first quarter 6-0.

The second quarter would see UCSD get on the board when attackman Eric Price beat CSU’s goalie Garrett Fitzgerald for their only goal of the first half.

This game marked the return of Fitzgerald after having surgery right before the first game.

“It felt good to be back,” said Fitzgerald who made six saves on the day. “I was surprised myself, but when you love it so much it’s easy to get back in it.”

CSU kept the offense going until halftime, pumping in three more goals before the whistle, ending the first half with a commanding, 9-1.

The second half was much the same as the first, with a flurry of goals from the offense and two surprising goals from defenseman Adam Schnirel, and three goals apiece from three different attackman.

“We knew we were better,” said Head Coach Flip Naumburg. “We kind of dominated the game and the team’s really happy with the win.”

The Rams would put up five more goals and UCSD would find the net twice, to end the third, 14-3.

The wind picked up before the fourth quarter and snow flurries began to fall again, as the faithful crowd stayed and cheered despite the nasty weather.

Naumburg said after Tuesday’s game against University of California at Santa Barbara, that the number one goal for the game against UCSD was to get a lot of player rotation and give some playing time to younger players.

Fitzgerald came out of the game and freshman Alex Jacques replaced him in the goal. He made two saves and had one goal against in his fifteen minutes on the field. The fresh Rams subbed in the second half would score two more before the final whistle blew.

This is CSU’s second game in a three game series against California teams this week, concluding with a game against Chapman University, Saturday at 1 p.m.

Men’s lacrosse beat writer Grant Meech can be reached at

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Eagles host game one tonight

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Mar 292007
Authors: Brandon Owens

After six months of an enduring, hard fought regular season, the Central Hockey League playoffs will get underway today.

The defending CHL champion Colorado Eagles host the Youngstown SteelHounds tonight at the Budweiser Events Center for game one in a best-of-seven series.

Home ice belongs to the Eagles, who will play game two on Saturday night at the BEC, then travel to Youngstown for the next three games, followed by games six and seven back in Colorado if necessary.

The Eagles (46-17-1) dominated the SteelHounds (34-20-10) in the regular season series, winning four out of five games. Colorado won the first four games, but Youngstown defeated them 3-2 in the fifth and final game on March 18. It was the SteelHounds’ first and only victory over the Eagles in the team’s two-year history.

Youngstown brings the CHL’s Most Valuable Player, Jeff Christian. The star left winger led the CHL with 78 assists and 116 points during the regular season.

However, Colorado brings CHL Man of the Year Riley Nelson and CHL’s Most Outstanding Defenseman Brad Williamson to the ice on their side.

The Eagles enter the playoffs as a No. 2 seed, behind only the Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs. The CHL playoffs consist of 12 teams battling for the Ray Miron President’s Cup trophy.

Along with Colorado, Youngstown and Bossier-Shreveport, the North Division brings Oklahoma City, Wichita and Memphis. The South Division brings the defending champion Laredo Bucks, along with Corpus Christi, Rio Grande Valley, New Mexico, Amarillo and Arizona.

Eagles beat writer Brandon Owens can be reached at

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Eagles expect greatness in playoffs

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Mar 292007
Authors: Adam Bohlmeyer

For the majority of the regular season, the Colorado Eagles were the dominant team in the Central Hockey League. Now, as they head into the postseason, there are a few key things Colorado must do to win the championship they so desperately crave.

Goalie Consistency

Like many other teams, the Eagles’ goalies have had their ups and downs. At times they show glimpses of brilliance and then they will give up three goals in a five-minute span. To make a successful run in the playoffs, Colorado’s goalies need to find consistency.

Marco Emond will be the Eagles’ No. 1 goalie heading into the first-round series against the Youngstown SteelHounds. When Colorado added him to the roster their second game of the season, Edmond brought a much-needed element of stability.

As the season continued Emond played well but showed a tendency to allow easy goals in the first period. After blowing that first save, Emond sharpens up, finishing the game, especially in the third period, as solid as they come.

For Colorado to have a chance, he can’t give up those easy goals in the playoffs.

When the Eagles face teams such as the Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs, and newly named CHL Most Outstanding Goaltender John DeCarro, Colorado can’t afford to play catch-up.

To get where the Eagles want to go, Marco Emond needs to bring his third period shut-down ability to the entire game.

Eliminate Mental Lapses

Throughout the regular season the biggest problem the Eagles had as a team was the tendency to lose focus. Mental lapses have happened with slow starts, or allowing opponents to get back in games during the second period.

These mistakes have made games much closer than they should have been and even cost Colorado wins. Mental lapses won’t ruin a team’s regular season but could easily bring about an early exit in the playoffs.

To beat this, the Eagles need to dwell on their experience. Veterans such as right wing Greg Pankewicz and defenseman Brad Williamson need to continue stepping up and setting the tone for the rest of the team.

Colorado has been to the playoffs four straight seasons with a steady core of players. The Eagles are the most experienced team in the playoffs and they need to act like it.

Keep it going

Colorado has the most powerful and talented team in the CHL. It starts with the top offense in the CHL, leading the league in shots and goals per game.

Combined with an imposing defense and solid goaltending, the Eagles are a really good team. To be successful in the playoffs, Colorado has to keep the same intensity they had during the regular season.

Everything is in place for the Eagles; all they have to do is be the team they know they can be.

The Eagles players, coaches, fans and anyone associated with the team, myself included, expect to win a championship. Anything less would be a severe disappointment.

Eagles beat reporter Adam Bohlmeyer can be reached at

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Ram Talk

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Mar 292007

I’m in the library, and the kid next to me is playing Canasta online.

Canasta? Canasty. And he’s losing.

I heard CU got seven inches of snow. I guess your boyfriend there is going

to be snowed in and will have to cancel your date. Should have gone for a

CSU guy

Pocket watches… gangster or not?

Passive aggressiveness is the hallmark of every good long term relationship.

“Lobster Ave.” was THE best comic in the paper, and now we’ll never know

how, if at all, he gets his arms back. Thanks to all of you crybabies who

couldn’t take a joke and complained about it.

Is anyone else happy that Lobster Ave. is gone?

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Our View: Straight for the pants

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Mar 292007
Authors: The Editorial Board

Before we students are screwed, we like to be kissed.

On Wednesday night, President Penley attempted to screw us, couldn’t quite seal the deal, then started a fight. Not exactly our idea of a romantic evening.

It’s not that we necessarily doubt President Penley and his administration’s intentions in trying to jack up tuition. Rather, it’s simply unacceptable to do it in the fashion that they did -with scant, if any, input from students.

Luckily, the Colorado Senate shot down the bulging increase Wednesday night.

To be clear, it could be argued that Penley’s proposal had honorable intentions. CSU was going to give free tuition to low-income students.

Regardless, students should have had a say in something so important as to what they will be paying in tuition next year, especially when the proposed change is so drastic.

A CSU spokesman said the board of governors met in an emergency session, and that ASCSU president Jason Green was given 48 hours notice.

Two days notice simply isn’t enough for a student. Green would have had to miss a test and take the whole day off Friday to attend such a meeting.

Administrators should have known prior to two days before the meeting that something huge was coming up.

A call to the Collegian, maybe?

Posting up fliers, perhaps?

They didn’t do any of that.

Instead, they tried to pull a fast one.

To put it another way, they went straight for the pants without the kiss.

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LTTE: Collegian needs conservative voices

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Mar 292007
Authors: Matt Wernsman

BREAKING NEWS: Angie Paccione opens a bunny refuge and is wearing a green t-shirt today! Marilyn Musgrave seen eating infant children and worshiping Satan!

If there has ever been a reputable organization to speak on behalf of “checks and balances,” it is undoubtedly the Collegian opinion section. Thankfully, this publication has been able to hoard-off other nasty radicals (like Independents!) and strictly provide CSU students with daily doses of Liberal gospel.

The Collegian is comically dedicated toward undermining all Republican principles, values, and party leaders. Many of the editorial board’s opinions would be better accepted if written in Crayola Crayons followed by a game of peek-a-boo; at least then students could understand the thought process many of the Collegian’s writers are attributed too.

The people – or person – in charge of writing the opinion section that represents the “Voice of CSU Students” is not qualified to write the lunch menu at a local grade school. With such provocative insights that parallel “Republicans are so stupid,” the Collegian opinion editors provide me with doubt to them walking and chewing gum simultaneously.

The Collegian must bring in more conservative voices to its op-ed section. OK, I know that’s a big step. Let’s start small and maybe find someone who’s leaning toward Obama but could still vote for that witch Hillary (For my Republican buddies out there, just play with the first letter of ‘witch’ till you find one you like.) See! We’re already building bridges and adding some much needed diversity to your opinion section.

Matt Wernsman



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LTTE: Mr. Reed’s ignorance

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Mar 292007
Authors: Thomas Andrews

Mr. Reed, have you even done a single bit of research on Ann Coulter that involved more than reading headlines in the New York Times?

Your very first argument, that Ann Coulter is the Anti Christ was pathetic, only being able to say that her initials were the same initials in “Anti Christ.” Barack Obama’s middle name is Hussein, and Obama sounds like Osama. I guess he’s an evil man then!

So Coulter is evil because she used an ad hominem attack? You seem ignorant of the fact that ad hominem attacks, hatred, and bigotry are the bread and butter of “passionate” liberals.

Bill Maher, a comedian like Coulter, expressed regret that the February 27 terrorist attack in Afghanistan didn’t kill Dick Cheney, said that America is a stupid country filled with stupid people, and even called Ken Mehlman “gay.”

White House correspondent Tony Snow has been diagnosed with cancer again, and he is already receiving death wishes from liberals. Don’t forget the former KKK leader Senator Byrd, who used the “N-word” on television, and protesters who threw Oreos at Michael Steele to signify that he wasn’t really black!

Also, who are the people that are committing 99% of the terrorist attacks in the world right now, like the 1993 WTC attacks, the Khobar Towers, the USS Cole, 9/11, 7/7, and the suicide bombings in Iraq currently? Islamofascists, not Timothy McVeighs.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black…

Thomas Andrews


Organ Performance

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LTTE: Global warming column lacks logic, evidence

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Mar 292007
Authors: Christopher Poirier Jr.

Mr. Sides, I find your articles on global warming to be lacking in both logic and factual evidence. However, you’re entitled to your opinion. But since there are so many scientists and so much factual evidence stacked against you, I implore you and your cohorts to take a different approach to the issue: “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.” Besides, many actions that you and your readers can take to slow carbon emissions are painless and even beneficial. Anything you do to reduce electricity consumption at your house not only slows the release of carbon dioxide, but also saves you money and reduces the amount of coal-based pollutants entering the air, such as the mercury that has found its way into our local fish or the sulfur dioxide that causes acid rain back east. Compact fluorescent light bulbs use less energy and last longer than their incandescent counterparts. Vehicles that get good gas mileage save you money at the pump, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and contribute less to smog. Bicycling or walking when possible saves on gas and improves your health!

No one is asking you to live a meager existence. So please, cease with your misinformation campaign that confuses people into inaction. Global warming is a real problem. But even if you think it really is a global socialist conspiracy, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain by confronting it.

Christopher Poirier Jr.

Junior Political Science major

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LTTE: In response to 9/11 coverage

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Mar 292007
Authors: David Riesberg

On Sept. 11, 2006, the Collegian’s ‘Our View’ stated that we should feel “insulted” for having to watch footage and look at pictures from the 9/11 tragedy.

The editorial board even went as far as to ask what the value was of replaying the tapes. Nearly 3,000 Americans lost their lives due to Muslim terrorists and their hate for the United States. In Wednesday’s paper, the same editorial board reminded us not to, “let the message left by Hurricane Katrina fall on deaf ears” and, “the message behind the disaster rages on.”

On one hand, you tell us to forget the images of planes flying into towers and people jumping off roofs. On the other hand, you tell us to remember images of the floating bodies of men, women and children. Does this seem incongruous?

To the editorial board of the Collegian, this is a disgrace. They are using the pain and suffering of thousands of victims of Katrina as weight to push a political agenda.

What about the victims of 9/11? Do they not deserve justice, just as Katrina victims do? The fact is, the editorial board does not care about justice. They are far too concerned with Bush-bashing and their own political opinions. They used the anguish of other people as a means to undermine our President and his administration. The editorial board should be ashamed.

Next time the editorial board writes an article about the deaths of thousands of Americans, I suggest they try and see through their own blind hatred for anything conservative, and think before they write.

David Riesberg



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Please, don’t sell the children

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Mar 292007
Authors: Hilary Davis

In these glorious United States, $500 will get you 500 Wendy’s Frosties, 500 cups of drip coffee from Sweet Sinsations or 500 delightfully tacky and embarrassingly useful items from the dollar store. In Texas, an arguably less glorious united state, $500 will also get you these same things, albeit the Frosties will be bigger and the dollar store items tackier. But $500 Texan dollars can buy you something a little more interesting: the charming experience of giving birth to a baby you don’t want.


Daniel Patrick, a Republican senator from Texas, is the author of S.B. 1567, which introduces the idea that Texas women seeking abortions should, instead, be offered the incentive of $500 to carry their babies to term so they can be given up for adoption by the state. Patrick was quoted in the Houston Chronicle saying, “We want that lady to have an incentive that makes her stop and think about having an abortion and that gives her a reason to put her baby up for adoption.” Apparently, for Patrick, $500 is enough.

I’m no history major, but I’m pretty sure the buying and selling of humans has been banned since Reconstruction, what with slavery being the most evil thing on the planet and all. I’m not necessarily likening this bill to slavery, but to offer a woman the chance to fill out a form, get $500, and then hand her child over to the state reeks of baby selling. Probably because it IS baby selling.

The proposed bill also stipulates that the state would distribute the forms solely to abortion providers.

I may also not be a math major, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I think there are a few problems with all of this, which, according to simple mathematical principles and certain calculations, all add up to a big ol’ pile of crazy.

Problem #1: This is, as I’ve already mentioned, against the law. Selling humans is against the law in Texas, and all the other states, too. What Patrick is suggesting is that a human life in Texas is for sale and is worth $500. Without getting into the semantics of what constitutes a life vs. a fetus or any of the other, deeper questions that are at the heart of the abortion debate, this is the essence of the bill. And even though Patrick is advocating a pro-life view, the fruits of his legislation would see babies and bucks exchanging hands.

Problem #2: This makes no sense. The only people who can get the money are women who have already proven, in their visit to the abortion clinic, that they don’t want a baby. And if you don’t want a baby, the state will give you $500 bucks just to have the baby, but only if you truly don’t want it. That Catch-22 – it’ll get you every time.

Problem #3: This is a very slippery slope. And at the bottom of the slope there is a huge pile of money, babies and the cast-aside morals of certain Texas legislators. How will this bill be funded and regulated? According to the census bureau, women in Texas obtained 89,160 abortions in 2000. If this new legislation was to pass, the state of Texas, i.e. Texan taxpayers, would need to be able to pay out more than $44 million to women who decided to take their half a grand and carry to term.

Besides, the possibilities for fraud are endless. Poverty rates in northern Texas and along the Mexican border are some of the highest in the country. If I needed some extra cash, who’s to say I couldn’t just waddle into a clinic, fill out the form, sell my kid for $500 and then adopt him right back?

And then I could buy him a Frosty and a delightfully tacky yet embarrassingly useful toy (or 500 of them) at the dollar store.

Hilary Davis is a senior technical journalism major. Her column appears in the Collegian on Fridays. Replies and feedback can be sent to

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