Feb 262007

Four hundred thousand killed. Two million citizens displaced. Continued bombings of villages occupied by certain groups of people.

These facts may appear to be from past genocides like those seen in the Holocaust, Rwanda, or Armenia. Unfortunately, these situations describe a crisis that is currently going on in our world today.

It has become time to once and for all stop the Darfur genocide. Despite various ceasefire accords and various UN resolutions condemning the situation, no concrete measures have been followed by the various parties involved. The American government and its Western allies must step up to the plate and enforce the ceasefire that was agreed upon less than two months ago and the UN and African Union need to deploy peacekeepers to the region, something they agreed to do in November.

This is not a red and blue, liberal and conservative issue. According to DarfurScores.org, a Web site that rates members of Congress on their views regarding Darfur, Colorado’s two leaders in the fight to end genocide in Northern Africa, are Rep. Tom Tancredo and Sen. Ken Salazar. If this issue has brought together two of the most polar-opposite politicians in our state, why can’t the rest of Congress use their might to stop this world tragedy?

When we participate in Holocaust Awareness Week for the duration, we should keep in mind the tragedy that is going on in today’s world. Then hopefully our kids won’t need to have a Darfur Awareness Week.

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