Feb 252007

So if overachievers are unhappy and political correctness merely establishes paranoia about being PC, are we all generally screwed? How are people supposed to be happy?

To the author of dreadful comeback, why didn’t you base your article on someone with dreads for more than three weeks? Try 3-plus years. And I did use peanut butter.

It’s too bad the Wyoming fans at the Border War had to be so angry, giving their middle fingers to the whole Moby crowd as they left. They were probably just upset they had to go back to Laramie.

To all of those teachers who continue to copy the book onto the board and call it lecture: I bought the book and I can read! I want my tuition back!

If you were a mirror and you looked into a mirror to see your reflection, what would you look like?

Does anyone else think that the Toyota Prius Hybrid should automatically come with a “CU Alumni” license plate?

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