Feb 252007

A suspect was arrested Sunday morning for running a stop sign at a busy intersection on campus, causing a chain reaction among three vehicles, according to Fort Collins Police Services.

William O’Brien, 22, was charged with driving under the influence and the failure to give notice. FCPS Lt. Cory Christensen said O’Brien was involved in two separate accidents Sunday, one involving a hit and run at the crossing of Shields Street and Prospect Road earlier in the morning, and the other on campus at Whitcomb and Lake streets.

Danielle Gilbert, a CSU graduate, said she woke up Sunday to see her roommate’s car smashed into her vehicle, which was through her fence and sitting partially in her backyard.

Police said there was a chain reaction when O’Brien ran a stop sign and crashed into one car, leading another into the backyard of Gilbert’s home.

“I can’t believe nobody was hurt,” Gilbert said. “It’s a scary intersection, we’ve played this scenario out before.”

Christensen said O’Brien later admitted to police he was involved in both accidents.

“There was extreme damage to both vehicles,” Christensen said.

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