Feb 222007
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Before anti-parking activists get all rowdy, the proposed parking fee increases should be taken just as they are: preliminary.

Parking permit and meter fees could start to go up next year, to possibly as high as $300 within the next four years for permits and a 25-cent inflation for meters. All this hinges on if the Board of Governors approves the expected revenue-boosting proposal.

The increase is just a draft and has not been finalized under the direction of CSU Parking Services. Before protesting, let’s wait and see the outcome.

President Penley has outlined in his five-year stretch plan the influx of up to 5,000 new students, plus 450 additional faculty and staff. Plus, there have already been 500 parking spaces slashed by construction efforts on a campus already facing parking woes.

Students and faculty in the past have already complained that campus parking is a headache, but the facts aren’t apparent yet.

Clearly, there is a need for more parking spaces and with that comes a price tag. Compared to other universities, CSU has it pretty good.

For a two-semester Z-lot parking permit – those most-often purchased by students – the cost comes to $85. Students attending the University of Northern Colorado pay $135 and at the University of Iowa students fork over $252 for a storage lot nearly three miles from campus.

If an increase does occur it’s likely because CSU needs to be more in line with needed revenue to build and maintain additional spots and to coincide with other universities charging much more for permits.

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