Feb 222007
Authors: Steve Slaton

As President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and you (Andy Nicewicz of the Collegian at CSU) continue to remind us, the Iraqi invasion, war, and occupation is about terrorism. Who are truly the worst terrorists? They are none other than Bush and Cheney. Both, as involved executives of the United States government, have overseen a growing list of international war crimes as defined by the Geneva Convention, which is a treaty detailing the rules of war. The documentary “Iraq for Sale” documents a few of these. Congress needs to investigate (the claims made by) this documentary, gather their facts, and impeach both terrorists.

The impeachment process should be in full compliance with our extradition treaty with Iraq. Once removed from office we should ship these international terrorists to Iraq to stand trial. I do recommend that extradition should exclude the death penalty. Execution is too quick and fails as a deterrent. A long, long life in prison is what these criminals deserve. I would favor weekly whipping with a cat-of-nine-tails but it would be in violation of the Geneva Convention.

Steve Slaton

Fort Collins resident

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