LTTE: Great columnists

Feb 222007
Authors: Stan Wolf

After reading the brilliant piece by James Easton (“On the free market and values – Economics is a model, not a law of nature”) Wednesday, I was motivated to express my satisfaction with his clarity and persuasive range of fascinating reason. I appreciate what he did with what could easily have been dry exposition in lesser hands, deftly going beyond the immediate issue to broadly define some pretty big dynamics in few words.

Then I read the piece above by Ryan Speaker (“Giving them a taste of their own medicine”), and was similarly impressed. We are so fortunate in this community to have writing and thinking of this consistent quality available in a (free!) daily paper. I consume a global digest of news and opinion daily thanks to Google News, sampling national and international writers of the highest caliber, and Messrs. Easton and Speaker are equal to any of them.

Please convey my sincere thanks to these contributors – I hope they will continue to make use of their intellectual gifts and moral compasses in future writing endeavors or (better yet) public service.

Stan Wolf

Fort Collins resident

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