Feb 212007

Does anyone else find it odd that in the Collegian opinion section they criticize all the news coverage about Britney Spears yet one page later they cover the story?

I had a dream last night where I was farming. It was hot and sweaty work under the relentless July sun. Then I woke up, and was disappointed to realize it had only been a dream, because at least there it was summer!

Has anyone else noticed how big the parking lot is at Taco Bell on Elizabeth? I know this because they have to have a huge drive-through lane for all my buddies on Friday nights.

They need to make a naked M&M! He should be the brown one!

Can people please be quiet when the professor is talking? I am fed up with people talking (and mostly flirting) during the lectures. I pay to hear the professor talk, NOT to hear about your social issues or critiques of life.

To the girl in my Spanish class! Turn that frown upside down!

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