Feb 212007

We’re glad that justice has been served in the case of two killers convicted in the shooting death of Gregory Vann, whose murder police believe may have spawned the witness-silencing deaths of two CSU students.

But we’re a little concerned that the Arapahoe County prosecutor on Wednesday announced at a press conference that she will seek the death penalty in the 2005 murder of Javad Marshall-Fields and Vivian Wolfe.

Killing people to make the point that killing people is wrong just doesn’t make sense.

And death is irreversible. We know human beings make mistakes. Unfortunately, when someone’s life has been taken, it can’t be given back. There have been several cases of men convicted of rape being exonerated because of the invention of DNA evidence.

Robert Ray and Sir Mario Owens have already been convicted in Vann’s death and have been charged with the deaths of Marshall-Fields and Wolfe.

There are many students at CSU who still remember the lives of Marshall-Fields and Wolfe. But we do not believe their memories are served any better or justice served if the people responsible for the deaths are killed.

The state simply shouldn’t have the right to take away another life. It seems like the world is finally catching on. Eighty-eight countries have abolished capital punishment, according to Amnesty International.

Maybe one day, America – the so-called champion of human rights worldwide – will follow suit.

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