Our View: Trans fats

Feb 192007

As mentioned in our main cover story today, many fast food chains are eliminating trans fats from its menus. Besides being bad for our health, trans fats may increase the risk of cancer.

Although the fats haven’t yet been completely eliminated, this is a step in the right direction, and we commend the fast food industry for having the public’s best interest in mind. Next, maybe Big Tobacco can hop on the bandwagon.

But as great as it is that places like McDonald’s are cutting back on trans fats, the ultimate responsibility lies with you and us.

Everyone knows fast food is bad for you. Instead of blaming the people who sell it, we should be blaming ourselves for buying it.

After the documentary “Super Size Me” came out, McDonald’s pulled its super size option off value meals and we have yet to hear anyone crediting the move as life-saving.

Instead of making bad food less bad, we should just watch the amount of crap we put into our bodies.

It truly is great to see the fast food industry showing the public it is looking out for us, but the U.S. Constitution is based on the principle of personal freedom. We would much rather be able to choose what we do and do not eat than have someone choose for us.

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