Feb 192007

The military commanders should be the ones determining how many troops are needed and where, not politicians. Especially politicians like Pelosi and Kerry. If our commanders say they need more money for supplies for our troops, then give it to them. If our commanders say they need more troops, then send them more troops. If doing these two things means that the war will end sooner, and fewer troops are killed, then why not do it? Why are the Left and so many other people opposed to allowing the very things that will end this war? Has the Left gone so crazy that they are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that America fails? These are politicians who say they represent the people, people like my family and friends. Yet, they would rather see them die than succeed. What is wrong with wanting victory? What is wrong with accomplishing our mission? What is wrong with sending more money and troops, so in the end, they can come home sooner? I’ve already buried a cousin and two friends. I’m tired of war. I want the mission to be accomplished quickly, so I don’t have to watch another American flag being folded. So why are Democrats trying to pass resolutions to not only prevent our soldiers from coming home, but to make sure that they fail? What has my family and friends done to them to deserve that? They have bled and died for this country, our country. So give them what they need to succeed and to come home, alive.

Doug Falconi


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