Feb 182007

During his Valentine’s Day press conference, President Bush was asked how he thought tightening financial pressure on Iran would affect our European allies who have economic ties there. The President was very candid in his response giving the public a glimpse into how he views money, war, and power. He answered: “It’s an interesting question. One of the problems – not specifically on this issue, just in general – let’s put it this way, money trumps peace, sometimes. In other words, commercial interests are very powerful interests throughout the world.”

So. In the mind of the leader of the free world “Money Trumps Peace.” These words explain so much about the course of action the president has taken throughout his tenure. “Money trumps peace” is the primary reason the U.S. invaded Iraq and not Saudi Arabia. Neither Iraq, nor its governing body had anything to do with the attacks on my home state of New York, Washington D.C., or Pennsylvania in September 2001, but 17 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi Arabian. In the Press Conference, Bush himself says of Iraq “they’ve got a lot of hydrocarbons.” Not only that, but the strategic position of Iraq in the geography of the Middle East is well suited for the transportation and delivery of oil. To Bush all military operations are a big game. This aspect is grossly transparent, labeling the top leaders in Iraq with cards, money-trumping peace. Hurray the ace of spades is dead.

This question always comes into my head. How did the United States go from having the world sympathize with us in the aftermath of 9-11, to being slandered daily by European allies for our arrogance and war mongering? Very simply the answer is the series of decisions made by one man. This “new” strategy for a surge of troops in Iraq is just another decision that further erodes our image as a great nation and begins the transformation from America the beautiful to America the Imperial. Money trumping peace is exactly what we see happening in Iraq on a daily basis. Its odd to me how the President always correlates funding for the war to support for our troops when the majority of that money is not going to buy our troops anything, but actually funds private contractors such as Raytheon, Halliburton, and Blackwater Security to do our troops laundry for $75 a load. Money trumps peace, is the reason wars are so profitable.

Peace can and should trump money and the citizenry of the United States is sending this message to deaf ears in the White House. Last week Democrats and Republicans came together in the House of Representatives to tell the President that money does not trump peace. Now the question remains: Will he listen?

Kristopher Hite

Ph.D. student


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