Feb 142007

It seems kind of redundant that the treadmill directly in front of the TV in the Rec Center has its own TV on it.

To my roommates: Sorry I took the keys to the dishwasher and trash can to Steamboat with me. Next time I’ll be sure to leave them here so you can make yourselves useful.

People who have enough time to respond “undecided” to a Collegian poll are ridiculous.

Today, I lost all faith in the intelligence and evolutionary benefits of humans. Then a squirrel BLATANTLY waved at me from a tree, and I didn’t care anymore.

I hereby motion that we, the student body of CSU, designate every Thursday of the week to be “Be Rude To Solicitors On The Plaza Day” No longer politely decline, rather think of something rude to say, or go into an unwarranted rant. Do I hear a second?

You know you’re from Colorado when anytime it’s above freezing it feels good to drive with the windows down.

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