Our View: MySpace

Feb 132007

For a lot of people, a MySpace profile is kind of like a bedroom.

It’s where they put up their photos, write in their journals and have electronic conversations with their friends.

So it’s easy to understand why many expect some privacy – and why people feel violated when bosses, school officials and police scrutinize their profiles.

But it’s not a bedroom. It’s the Internet, and everyone in the free world could, perceivably, see your account.

Your future boss can read your account of “that night we got really trashed,” view the photos you posted that depict you and your friends leaping, drunk, off of your roof into an inflatable pool of refried beans. He or she can even read what your friends had to say about that night.

University administrators can hear the audio clip of that really loud fart you put up on your profile and see the video of teenage you staggering around with a bottle of vodka.

Or, as in the case of some Loveland teens, police could listen to a rap song you wrote about murdering your classmates.

In this case, MySpace may have helped avert a disaster by drawing attention to what may have been a disturbed kid or group of kids. But more often than not – on this campus, at least – it’s a silly oversight.

Most popular blogging pages, like MySpace and Facebook, have privacy controls that are woefully underused.

Be responsible for what you post – your virtual profile could have some real consequences.

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