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Comedian Sam Adams drew inspiration for his Sunday night show from something far from funny.

He heard about a crash in Berthoud that severely wounded two high school wrestlers as they tried to replace a flat tire.

“I have a teenage son and I cannot imagine how much my son’s life would change if that happened to him,” Adams said. “I cannot imagine what the parents are going through.”

On Sunday night, Adams used his talent in hopes of raising some money to offset the teens’ medical costs.

The Berthoud High School Wrestling Club sponsored the comedy show at Thompson Valley High School, which featured Adams and David Bublitz, a nationally known headliner.

Adams contacted John Yapouijan, the father of a student in the Berthoud wrestling program who made the announcement on the radio, and they decided that the best thing Adams could do to help would be to contribute his comedic talent. Yapouijan and Adams decided to put on a comedy show.

Bublitz heard about what Adams was doing and wanted to contribute as well.

“When I heard about the accident I felt really bad for those boys,” Bublitz said. “Life is not supposed to be that way. Normally accidents involving teenagers happen because of drugs or careless driving, not from changing a tire. I knew I wanted to help.”

Adams believes the event benefited both the comedians and the teenage boys.

“We get the pleasure of making people laugh and benefiting the boys,” Adams said.

The comic benefit was coordinated by Karen Fate, who runs the Youth Wrestling Program for Berthoud High School. Fate knew Nikko Landeros personally because her son was on the wrestling team with him.

“I was in disbelief at first when I heard about the accident. We are trying to do the best we can to help,” Fate said.

Scott Pickert, the head wrestling coach for Berthoud High School, anticipates that Landeros might be able to wrestle again.

“For now both of the boys are working on healing and walking again,” Pickert said. “Nikko wants to try wrestling again next year. Tyler cannot because he is a senior.”

Pickert has known the Carron family for nine years and Nikko for two years.

“In the time that I have known them I have learned that they are hard workers and great team leaders,” Pickert said.

Caleb Perry, a senior at Berthoud High School, played football with Tyler.

“Tyler is a pretty good guy, he is caring and likes to help people. When I first found out about the accident I was in shock. I could not believe what happened. I talked to Tyler after the accident and we talked about everything like normal. It amazed me how calm he was,” Perry said.

Hally Berg, a freshman wildlife biology major, went to high school with Landeros and Carron. Berg was surprised and in shock when she found out that the accident involved two students from her high school.

“I could not believe it,” she said. “Berthoud is a quiet, small town and it just does not seem like something like that could happen there. Since it is a small town the word spread really fast. I woke up in the morning with five text messages from my high school friends talking about it.

“They were really popular and everybody knew them. It seems strange that something like that could happen to them.”

Tyler Carron was released from the hospital on Thursday. A huge sign was posted outside of his home in Berthoud welcoming him home.

Will Carron, Tyler’s younger brother, is so excited and relieved to have his brother back home.

“It is so awesome that he is finally home,” he said. “He is doing great and he loves being home. The atmosphere at home has not changed any, he has been acting normal and we have been treating him like normal.

“The community has been phenomenal and it has been amazing how the Berthoud community and the wrestling community have come together. My family has greatly appreciated it.”

Carron says that the accident has made him stronger and has taught him to not take things for granted.

“It has impacted me because it makes you think about what you have taken for granted. It made me think about the important things in life,” Carron said.

Nikko Landeros is expected to be released from the hospital sometime next week. Will Carron has seen Landeros since the accident.

“I saw him at Wrestling Regionals on Saturday night. He had the biggest smile on his face. He is counting down the days until he can go home,” Carron said.

Fate estimates that about 400 to 500 tickets were sold. Tickets ordered in advance were $10 and tickets at the door were $12.

Proceeds from the silent auction will also benefit the teenagers. Funds from the silent auction were not tallied as of late Sunday.

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Hospital Release Dates: Tyler Carron- Thursday, Feb. 8 Nikko Landeros- sometime next week. (day still pending)

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