Feb 082007
Authors: Don Hackett

Yesterday I got a yellow notice on the door of my house around 3 in the afternoon. This notice told me that I was to remove all the snow and ice on my sidewalks by 8 the next morning. My issue with this is how do I shovel the snow when I have a huge drift that keeps falling on my sidewalk? So I decided to call the city and talk to them about it. The city told me that I was expected to remove it and use excessive measures of even digging a trench through the drift.

I ask why am I expected to go to such extreme measures but the city is not? I am expected to keep my sidewalks clear when they can’t keep the roads clear or unblock the sewage drains. Then I ask what about the crosswalks with huge drifts? I was told to all this that the city is out of money. I am expected to work while the city sits on its hands. I have a solution for the city, stop paying people to come and inspect my sidewalk and use that money to remove the huge drifts clogging out neighborhoods, blocking our drains and fire hydrants.

Here is my proposal to CSU – every student call the city streets department every day asking them to remove the drifts. I know I will, its time to stand up against the city and do what college students do best: protest.

Don Hackett


political science

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