Feb 052007

When the Democratic National Convention comes to the Centennial State in 2008, an exact 100 years after its last appearance here, the eyes of the nation will be focused squarely on this swing state.

And we believe that the convention is great for all Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives.

CSU students from both sides of the aisle should push state politicians to put key state issues such as higher education and alternative energy on the national map.

Sure there will be gridlock, both on the roads and politically, but once in a generation, local students have a chance to influence a national convention and both sides should make their voices heard.

Despite recent changes in the state’s political culture, this convention should serve as a reminder to Colorado’s history of progressivism – Colorado was the first state to approve women’s suffrage in a popular election.

To have Denver as the host of the possible ascension of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton to the top spot on a national platform would be one of the most important moments in state and national history.

So even though this convention may not be for your political preference, it is important to do your part because if you don’t now, the event may not return for another 100 years.

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