Feb 042007

In Friday’s opinion column I read an interesting article about diversity. One area where Colorado State is coming up short in diversity is on the Collegian editorial board. Everyday college students open up their college newspaper and are subjected to an onslaught of liberal and left-wing articles. That is all fine. I support free speech and believe that liberals as well as conservatives should have a voice. However, that leads me to my point. There is no conservative voice. Students have been complaining and writing letters to the editors for months now and there is no change. When will the Collegian listen to its audience and give them what they want? Furthermore I happen to know that the Collegian has hired a new conservative writer. Where are his articles? The Collegian can no longer claim that there is no one willing to take the job of conservative at the Collegian. The Collegian refuses to run this new columnist’s articles and therefore proves their left-wing stance. The Collegian repeatedly preaches about diversity, free speech, and against tyranny over the people. The Collegian is a hypocritical organization that is not diverse, censors their media, and acts as tyrant sheltering students from a conservative voice. How many letters to the editor will it take Collegian? At least address the issue in your opinion column.

Clay Jordan


history major

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