The Collegian did its job

Feb 012007
Authors: Editorial Board

On the front page today, you can read The Rocky Mountain Collegian’s final installment in a series of articles examining building security on campus.

Read it. It’s worthwhile.

Our reasoning behind the story was simple: Both the equipment we pay for with our tuition and taxes and our fellow community members aren’t as safe as they could be. Is there an easy way to fix it? It doesn’t look like there is, but that’s up to people more powerful and better than us to sort out.

In the meantime, the Collegian believes you have a right to know what the state is doing with your money, and how safe you are, or aren’t, in a public place – especially the students, staff and faculty whose jobs and educational goals require them to burn the midnight oil on campus.

The Collegian investigation has forced officials to take a harder look at how to protect campus equipment.

Ultimately, every CSU community member can take part in making sure campus doors are secure. No matter what the facilities department or CSUPD does, doors are always going to remain unlocked if authorized individuals don’t lock up properly after they leave.

Some may disagree with our tactics, but really, we don’t feel there was any other way we could bring this issue the attention it needs than by doing what we did.

We stand by our investigation, and strongly believe we have done our primary job: protecting the interests of CSU students and our community.

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