Feb 012007

You know its cold when your iPod wires stay in one shape.

After seeing the long lines of people trying to get coffee around campus, I came to the grim realization that if terrorists really wanted to cripple America, they could simple wipe out the coffee joints.

I had to wait in line to LEAVE the library yesterday. Does that violate some sort of fire code?

I think it should be mandatory to wear nametags around campus so that when I see a cute boy I would know his name and it would be easier to Facebook stalk him later.

To the guy in my Visual Arts class, you look like Patrick Swayze… and I like it.

About that Comcast channel 23… I called Comcast three times yesterday and after being put on hold for 28.79 minutes, all three calls resulted in “I’m not authorized to give that information.” Is anyone else afraid of Comcast now??

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