Our View: Rape

Jan 292007

Victims of rape should be given the same options for emergency contraceptives as women who have had consensual sex.

The measure to allow Plan B as an option for rape victims after being admitted to a hospital currently sits before the Senate for approval to move on to the House.

Although arguments have been made for hospitals that are funded by religious organizations to be omitted from the bill, it allows for hospital employees who are personally opposed to be exempt.

Regardless of religious views, it is the duty of healthcare professionals to inform their patients of all possible options of treatment. This issue should not be any different.

Plan B is composed of the same ingredients as birth control pills and does not terminate a pregnancy that has already begun in the uterus.

Religious Senate members who are arguing against said bill say that the pill can cause an egg not to implant, an act they consider to be too similar to abortion.

It is important to focus on the individual rights of the victims because they are ultimately responsible for the choices they make. These women should be presented with every option available to them so they can make an informed decision as to how they want to proceed with their potential pregnancy. The Hypocratic Oath requires health professionals to pledge to do no harm. If doctors and nurses do not present Plan B as a viable option for rape victims they will be causing harm to women who have already endured unimaginable strife.

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