Jan 242007

Pedestrians: While I appreciate your faith in my driving ability, an ’88

Caddy can’t exactly stop on a dime.

Dear My Black Gloves That My Brother Gave Me For Christmas: I am so sorry I left you in Clark A Lounge. Please forgive me. And please return yourselves to me via the posted signs in Clark A. I love you.

If you fart during a game of Twister, should you be disqualified?

In the Plaza yesterday I was asked if I had a minute for global warming, and instead of the lame excuse “I have class,” I just told the obviously confused young lady, “Look around, I think we could use it.”

As the ceaseless wave of technology and convenience further grips our lives, I foresee the ellipticals in the Rec. Center eventually having Internet surfing capabilities. Also, flying cars will be common.

I actually heard two squirrels talking over lunch outside the LSC yesterday. They said they were going to leave CSU’s campus if this crummy snow keeps coming. I quickly gave them my lunch money, and they reconsidered.

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