Jan 232007

Collegian makes bad attempt at joke

On Tuesday, Jan. 23, I opened your newspaper and read Jeremy Hainsworth’s article “Pig farmer confesses to killing 49 women.” This article described the initial phases of the trial of a Canadian man who is accused of brutally murdering 49 innocent women.

It goes on to say that some of the details of this trial are so gruesome that members of the victim’s families have left the courtroom in tears and some members of the media who are reporting on this trial have sought counseling as a result.

It was after reading this article that I noticed what the question for the daily poll was: “If you were a pig farmer, how many people would you kill? (See page 8 for related story.)” I can only assume that this was a pathetic attempt at a joke, but I did not find it funny at all.

As upsetting as it was to read about a human being who can remorselessly kill 49 women; it was almost equally upsetting to me that the Collegian has decided to make a joke of the murder of innocent women.

I find this to be incredibly insensitive to the victims and their families who have suffered through this horrible ordeal. I am embarrassed for you and I am embarrassed that you represent the community that I live in.

Thomas Wihera



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