Jan 222007

The public often criticizes or dismisses the homeless as lazy or unwilling to work, leaving many with limited food, help and shelter.

While in many cases this may be true, there are still the truly needy – the physically and mentally sick who can’t afford treatment, for example.

Many are dying in the cold weather. Aiding the homeless is about compassion and helping our fellow man.

Assisting those less fortunate is about being selfless, giving and thoughtful. There are too many communities in the United States that turn a blind eye to homelessness. It’s that “Not In My Back Yard” syndrome that makes the homeless virtually invisible.

For instance, here in our own community the problem of homelessness is plaguing more people than many would assume. In Larimer County alone, there are an estimated 2,000 homeless people. Some are war veterans or addicts and need our help to get back on their feet to put food on the table and have a warm place to sleep.

But so many are still without help, freezing to death in the sub-zero temperatures and blowing snow. They have no resources to help themselves.

Let’s recognize the problem, get these people off the streets and put an end to people dying alone in the cold.

Human compassion should rise above any preconceived judgment.

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