Jan 212007

So, is it really evil that I wish someone would leave their Facebook logged on in the library so I could change their profile and make it really embarrassing? Muahahahahaaa…

You know the best fun for wintertime activities is? Trying to find “Where’s Waldo” in a bookstore without help.

Is it me or does the new comic ROCK? I’m still laughing about “I thought he was gonna touch the gum.”

Yesterday I was blinded by a quadruple-threat sorority Ugg forcefield. How do four friends get around to wearing the same shoes in the same color on the same day? It is a mystery.

The melting snow is like opening presents, except the presents are dozens of dog turds.

I heard the city of Fort Collins requested help from FEMA to remove the snow. So I guess we just have to wait for it to melt.

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