Jan 182007

I wonder how many faux-bunnies had to die for all those faux-fur lined coats. I’m outraged.

Has anyone considered that if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had a child named Raisin, they could all be known as Raisin Brangelina.

I’m going to going to write an autobiography titled “The Audacity of Big Words.”

That’s funny, I always thought that blondes were talented at peeling bananas, but seriously though, open the banana by pinching the end that is not typically used.

Imagine how many relationships could be saved if the government required breathalyzers in all cell phones.

To my roommates: filling a dirty pot with dish soap and leaving it on the stove doesn’t pass as “cleaning up”.

Snow on Monday! Snow on Monday!

My roommate started a season on NCAA ’07 playing as CU. After I instantly shut off the XBOX, he yelled, “WTF, I didn’t save it!” To which there was nothing else to do except angrily respond, “You were CU.”

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