Jan 162007
Authors: Amy Robinson

The beginning of a new year often means a fresh start for many people, and for many students that means more than just new classes. Many have made New Year’s resolutions.

But as the third week of 2007 approaches, many students struggle to keep up with their respective resolutions.

The most common resolutions involve getting fit, which can be a difficult task. However, several Fort Collins gyms offer the means for students to build biceps, keep bellies trim and clear the mind.

“Students need to set reasonable goals and stick to them,” said Brad Sawatzky, a fitness trainer and the owner of Definitions Fitness Center.

But those goals are easily forgotten amidst the many distractions students face.

“Watch easily accessible food and stay away from the partying crowds,” Sawatzky said. “People who are having six to seven drinks a week are gaining about a pound and that makes it hard to lose weight.”

Sawatzky also suggests students try a variety of activities and stay with what they enjoy.

“It is important to understand that your body will adapt (while working out),” the workout guru said. “As you improve, you need to continue to change what you do.”

The benefits of exercising are not purely physical, however.

“People who work out have improved energy, focus, social interaction, relationships and self-image,” Sawatzky said.

The newly-renovated fitness center, complete with added showers and a classroom for yoga and Pilates, is offering $1 down to start New Year’s resolutions and no initiation fees to begin tanning. Sawatzky is also providing a free training orientation and fitness assessment.

Sara Elger, a staff member at Zone Health and Fitness, agrees with Sawatzky regarding the importance of working out.

“You should try a general range of programs and challenge yourself,” Elger said. “The gym provides a place to relieve stress, hang out and (provides) mental benefits.”

The Zone charges a $10 startup fee for the whole year and costs about $23 a month.

However, working out should not always be viewed as a task. It can be fun, too, according to Mike Hickey, the owner of Inner Strength Rock Gym.

To help students get in shape for the New Year, Inner Strength is offering a special deal. The gym is currently offering a one-time price of $100 to climb for the entire semester, which includes the price of equipment. And Fridays are half-price admission.

“Climbing gets your mind off of school and helps you relax,” Hickey said. “It’s fun and a lot of times you don’t even realize you are working out.”

He added that rock climbing is a skill, not just another routine.

“You can go out in the country and meet nice people,” Hickey said. “If you are working with a partner, you can still climb at your own personal level. With other sports, like bike riding, you have to worry about how fast or slow you are going.”

The gym offers introductory and intermediate-level rock climbing classes. A shoe demonstration is scheduled for Feb. 9.

Students may also find resources on campus to keep them on track with their newfound resolutions. The recreation center features drop-in workout sessions and several instructional classes, including dance, swimming and beginning golf. This week the center is featuring a free preview to Mind and Body classes. For more information call 491-6359.

Staff writer Amy Robinson can be reached at news@collegian.com.


Definitions Fitness Center

1115 W. Prospect Rd.

416-7896 or Brad Sawatzky at (303) 619-2365


Zone Health & Fitness Inc.

1739 S. College Ave.



Inner Strength Rock Gym

3713 Mason St.



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