Jan 162007
Authors: Brandon Lowrey

Police on Tuesday had arrested four people – including at least one CSU student employee – on suspicion of stealing more than $40,000 in electronics from the Clark and Rockwell buildings over the past two months.

Fort Collins residents Gabriel Armstrong and Matthew Vonderhaar were arrested Monday on suspicion of the thefts. Searches of their homes uncovered caches of stolen electronics, said CSU Police Department Det. Dwight Burke.

Officials did not release the names of two other suspects arrested Tuesday. They are cooperating with investigators, said CSUPD Chief Dexter Yarbrough. At least one more CSU student is also suspected of helping to steal the equipment.

“We’ll be doing more stuff tonight,” Burke said Tuesday night. “I’m sure it’ll be going for several more days.”

While police had eyewitness accounts and video evidence, tracking devices installed in laptop computers broke open the case.

On Tuesday night, officials arranged the stolen goods on a table in Green Hall to show to local media – a treasure trove of laptops, desktop computers, monitors, projectors, speakers and digital camera equipment.

One of the camera lenses had been put up for sale on eBay, Burke said.

In all, police expect to make six to eight arrests in connection with the case, and believe that they may be on track to recover equipment stolen as far back as 2005.

In November 2005, a 60-inch plasma television was stolen from Rockwell Hall and thousands of dollars in other equipment was taken from the Clark A building. Most of the thefts occurred over fall and winter breaks.

A Collegian investigation in March found that doors in those buildings, and others, were left open after midnight. Two reporters had access to several computers and other valuable equipment left unprotected.

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