Jan 152007

Does anyone else think that the fact that CSU has a “Free Speech Zone” implies that the first amendment doesn’t apply outside of that zone?

I take classes I know are during bus hours and what do finals bring? Exams at night…thanks a lot CSU for making me walk home in the cold and dark. Great planning!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the empty copier section on the second floor was a Pita Pit? I eat at the library every night anyway…

It is nice to know the Collegian Editorial Board will always be willing to tell me what I “should” think. Lemmings march to the sea.

I am starting to get a bit annoyed by the fact that the chairs are chained to the tables outside of Clark A. I just want to sit down on something other than a cold block of concrete….are we being punished?

Does anybody else think that LT of the San Diego Chargers looks like RoboCop?

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