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Jan 152007

Who among us hasn’t done anything stupid in our freshman year?

Those who do stupid things should be held accountable for their actions. But what’s happening to the four CSU women’s basketball players who allegedly set off a homemade bomb borders on the realm of ridiculous.

First, the way Jen Warden and the athletics department has handled the situation up to this point, we believe, is perfectly reasonable.

But the reaction of some and the way national media have reported this is nothing short of sensational.

The cable news network MSNBC was probably the worst offender. The headline on their Web site reads, “Four CSU players bomb teammate’s apartment.”

OK. First, no one was hurt and no property was damaged. Second, although still unclear, the “bomb” was apparently made from household items, according to media reports. And third, the victim and the alleged pranksters are friends.

It’s clear this was an ill-conceived prank and nothing more.

Some online posters are even going so far as calling on the university to take draconian actions.

“These four girls should have scholarships revoked,” one poster wrote. “I can’t morally support this team anymore.”

Sentiment like that just plain scares us.

The teenage girls clearly made a youthful mistake. They’ve been embarrassed and probably scared beyond belief.

Given that no one was hurt and no damage was caused and the intention didn’t seem malicious, the fear and embarrassment is enough punishment.

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