Bring back the draft

Dec 102006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Face it. We live sheltered lives.

We get to go to CSU, a university at the base of the gorgeous Rockies.

We live in, as Money magazine named it over the summer, the best place to live in the country.

Yes, life in the Fort is good.

But in all this goodness, it seems like we’ve forgotten a war still rages half a world away.

In this not-so-happy world, tens of thousands of human beings – including almost 3,000 Americans – are being slaughtered by snipers, assassins and bombs.

The issue now is that we’re there, and there’s a sense of detachment to the nightmare being played out in our name.

And that’s why we support Congressman Charlie Rangel’s intention to bring back the military draft.

We do not know Rangel’s intentions, but they are not relevant.

A draft would put some uneasiness into the hearts of the affluent, who, generally don’t die in as great numbers for their country as the poor, who do so because the military is often the only hope they have for a better future.

And if the possibility that you, your friends or loved ones would be called to fight for your country against those who hate you with a fiery passion, maybe the national dialogue about the war would be a little livelier than it has been amongst those our age.

That alone is enough to get our support.

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