Ram Talk

Dec 052006

Instead of giving another $2 million to the football team we should use $1 million of it to pay off the refs and give the other million to me for coming up with the idea.

New Man Law: Any CSU cheer that contains the term “Rammies” shall have that term replaced by the word “Ramtron.” We are the Green Machine after all. Go Ramtron, Go Ramtron, Go!

Florida beat Michigan out of the #2 spot by a few one-thousandths of a point for the BCS championship game. Given that it’s Florida, shouldn’t there be a recount just to be sure that there wasn’t a flaw in the voting system for who will play Ohio State?

In defense of my tired, calloused hands, I demand Coors Light start bottling more loosely and that minimal effort, if any, be involved when opening my beer.

What’s with all the people sleeping in the library? I want the library to hire me to go around and wake them up all day. I can violently awaken them and gently inform them it is not a napping facility.

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