Dec 032006

To the guy with the mowhak in the library making out with that girl: I took pictures and sent them to your girlfriend…and everyone else in my Facebook network.

In addition to sanitizing the computers in the library, we need a rule about how loud you are allowed to type. There is no need to abuse the keyboards!

To the girl who sat next to me in Sociology the other day: If you wear a mini skirt and flip-flops in the snow, then you have absolutely no right to complain about the cold.

The temperature is hovering around 20 degrees, yet some guys wear sweatpants and cutoff shirts like it’s summer. Colorado is like the Twilight Zone.

To the guy who won CSU Fan of the Game this past Saturday: I’m your biggest fan.

The first real snow in Fort Collins is like the first day of class at CSU, you can always tell who has never driven in Colorado before.

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