Nov 302006

I’ve heard of fair weather fans, but at CSU we have fair weather Plaza talkers! Seriously, once the snow comes, Brother John and company leave the Plaza faster than a CSU football fan.

Snow days are wasted on the youth.

To the squirrel who was struggling to climb the tree when it was snowing heavily yesterday: Please come to my house, I shall host you ’til the winter is gone.

I think it would be cool if CSU hosted a bowl game. We could get the two football teams in the nation with the most turnovers for the season. We could call it “The Fum Bowl.”

There should be disinfectant spray in every computer lab across campus – just like they have in the rec center. There is a sniffling girl with snot-dripping hands typing on the computer next to me. I wonder who sat at this computer before me… GROSS.

Only in Colorado: beanie, gloves, earmuffs, hoodie, heavy coat… with a skirt and Crocs.

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