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Nov 302006

Menorah lights city’s hypocrisy

The Fort Collins City Council is in a tough spot, to be sure.

It only seems natural to put up Christmas trees during Christmas, right? But then there’s that pesky Hanukkah that always seems to start up around the same time.

And then, if you honor two religions, you’re going to have to honor 20. And before you know it, this winter holiday season will snowball into an all-out religious brawl.

No. Can’t have that.

So we’re left with two reasonable options: All religion or no religion.

The Fort Collins City Council says that Santa Claus and Christmas trees aren’t religious, so they’ve chosen “no religion.”

Reasonable? No. It’s a crock of crap.

Council members cite a U.S. Supreme Court decision. But the U.S. Supreme Court rules on legality, not taste.

Councilman Kurt Kastein’s statement shows just how thinly veiled the council’s hypocrisy is: “I like Christmas. I like the city recognizing that it is Christmastime, and the vast majority of citizens in Fort Collins would agree and celebrate Christmas. And the best way for us to do that is to display a Christmas tree.”

We’re stunned.

Is the majority of Fort Collins – even America – Christian? Sure. Do most of its citizens celebrate Christmas? Definitely.

But the people who don’t have been denied their right to make this city their own – to make it feel like their home, as well.

And that’s un-American.

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