Nov 292006

Did anyone else see a photographic opportunity provided by the shopping cart frozen in the lagoon?

Have you ever noticed that to get a comment published in Ramtalk you either a.) have to complain about something or b.) write a dumb comment about squirrels.

You know that girl you’ve been eyeing the whole semester? Yeah, her. Don’t let her be the one that got away. Make a move before it’s too late!

Whoever does the horoscopes is amazing. On the day I had five stars I got one block from my house before I crashed my bike and fell into someone’s retaining wall. It was awesome!

As it seems the Chuck Norris jokes are waning, I propose a new man for the spotlight: Billy Joel. And here’s the first one: Billy Joel’s songs are so good, that when Christ was born, Mary and Joseph asked the minstrel to play “We Didn’t Start the Fire” and the North Star soon became “The River of Dreams.”

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