Nov 292006
Authors: Geoff Johnson

Steve Dodrill spent 42 hours outside the Best Buy store at the Centerra shopping center to get a Playstation 3. No matter how long he had to wait, he was determined to get it.

Dodrill, a junior marketing major, went with five of his friends. To pass the time, he read a little bit and said others played Monopoly.

He said he also took naps whenever he could during the daytime – the chilly temperatures at night didn’t allow for much sleep.

“They wouldn’t let us enter the store or set up tents or anything,” Dodrill said.

Once he’d obtained his Playstation 3, it would only seem logical for Dodrill to drive home as quickly as he could, hook the machine up to the most convenient TV set and start gaming.

“Actually, I sold it on eBay the day after I got it,” he said.

Dodrill, like many other industrious and weather-tolerant souls, had never planned to play his Playstation 3 even once. He’d been planning on selling the Playstation 3 upon purchase since “a couple weeks ahead of time,” he said.

“A friend of mine did this a while ago with the Xbox 360,” he said. “And he made a lot of money.”

And Dodrill made a tidy profit as well – he sold his PS3 for $1,225. That’s about $75 short of doubling what he said was a price of roughly $650 after tax (this works out to a $575 profit).

When the math is done, this works out to almost $14 an hour for the 42 hours he spent outside of Best Buy.

Dodrill wasn’t the only CSU student to make money on the much-anticipated release of the PS3. A friend of his, Alex Monteith, spent 53 hours at the Wal-Mart at Lemay Avenue and Mulberry Street in Fort Collins waiting for a Playstation 3.

Monteith, a senior accounting major, didn’t have any interest in “gaming” on the game system either. He said out of what he estimated to be 23 people in line, “only one of us was actually going to play (PS3).”

He sold his system on eBay for $1,100 dollars.

If he had considered waiting in line for his Playstation 3 as his working hours, that works out to just under $8.50 an hour for Monteith.

This may not seem worth it, but he is quick to mention that unlike his friend’s cold-weather experience at Best Buy, Monteith spent his waiting time indoors.

“I slept in Wal-Mart,” he said. “And by the end, they were even playing the movies (the people in line) wanted to watch.”

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