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Authors: Michelle Zilis

With the rise of new high-tech game players comes new games. Recently, as Playstation 3 has hit the shelves, new games began flooding TV screens everywhere. Check out some of the new Playstation 3 games for more information. The list has been compiled from a variety of gamers’ Web sites.

Resistance: Fall of Man

This first-person shooter sci-fi game takes you on a mission through an alternate world in which WWII never happened and the world is instead being ravaged by a deadly parasitic disease. America and Great Britain must joined forces in order to stop the virus from spreading. The enemy, Chimera, is a rapidly mutating parasite that infects other forms of life, rendering its victims into new Chimera.

Your mission takes you through the urban areas of Great Britain, all based on actual locations. The missions are story-based and single-player. There are multiple levels of difficulty. The objective is to save the world.

“Resistance” should not be compared to other shooter games, President of Insomniac Ted Price said. “I think that when people play through ‘Resistance,’ and when they experience the story, they’ll discover that there are a lot of big differences between our game and the other first-person shooters,” he said.

Call of Duty 3

This game places you on the battlefield of WWII as a historic first-person shooter – as the first two games of the series have done – and gives you the opportunity to take your missions into your own hands. You start fighting during the Normandy Breakout and move toward liberating Paris. Face-to-face combat is very intense and you have the opportunity to choose from a wide array of tactics. Some tactics include sniping, demolition and frontal assault, and you are allowed to pick what route to use on attacks. You have the ability to choose the type of character you want to be as well, such as infantry, scout or rifleman.

Ridge Racer 7

Learn to be a speed driver with the ability to take corners at 160 mph and enjoy the excitement of drifting. The game is modeled after the classic arcade-type racing game. However, in “Ridge Racer 7” you have the ability to customize your own car with over 380,000 different options. In addition, there are 40 different machines and 20 courses. Many of the machines are from previous editions, however. So if you have the need for speed, “Ridge Racer 7” is the game to get.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

This imaginary game places you in the world of super heroes and you must fight the villains of the world. You create a power team of four Marvel characters to defeat the enemies you will face. You create a team name, logo and vehicle and set off on your mission. Each mission will be different, and your story plot changes as you battle enemies and interact with the 140 Marvel characters.


This basketball simulation game places you on the court in front of huge arenas, in an intense street ball game, or as the general manager of the franchise of a favorite team. With all the options, the game lets you explore the best parts of the basketball world. The game has graphics that make you feet like you really are there and offers complete control over your shots with the shot stick.

Madden NFL 07

The 17th installment of EA’s longest running sports game makes a splash yet again. In this edition, there is an emphasis on the running game – it promises that no matter what your size or position is, there is a run possible. For gamers, the ’07 edition has put the lead blocker controls back in for better coverage and control of your players.


This hockey simulation game focuses on making you feel like you’re really there on the ice. With new skate controls that allow you to glide, crossover and handle the puck, in addition to more control over playmaking, players should be happy with the latest edition. There is also a new lower camera angle to give the impression of the skater’s view. In addition, real rivalries and home ice advantages are taken into account in the arenas and fans. Take your franchise all the way to the Stanley Cup.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

As you compete for the FedEx Cup on Glen Abbey Golf Course, you are required to play against 15 of the best professional golfers. Fans come out and watch you, and you play side by side with Tiger Woods. This edition keeps many of the favorite features of the series, but it also brings back many of the features the 06 version left out, making it feel better rounded. There is an improved True Aiming feature that makes it more difficult for you to win the cup. and

Tony Hawk Project 8

Skateboard your way to No. 1 through crazy tricks as you compete against the top skateboarders in the world. “Project 8” carries on the same traditions as previous Tony Hawk experiences, yet continues to get better as graphics and control over tricks increase. The Sixaxis controller allows you to control tilt balance and steering during manual grinds – a new feature, which is receiving much praise. Also, more experienced players have the ability to find secret missions and goals to play for.

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