Nov 292006
Authors: Matthew Azrael Martin

Smile And A Shoeshine is Sam Graf, vocals/guitar, B.J. Buttice bass, Dominic Buttice, drums, and new member Chris Love on keyboard

Grungy Nirvana, U2 (the earlier album “War”), Drama Rama and Cursive all give Smile And A Shoeshine its sound and offer the bulk of this band’s influence.

The beginning of December will be hot if you make it to the Aggie early enough to see the second act: Smile And A Shoeshine. This six-year-old Fort Collins act has a new member: Chris Love.

I asked Love, who plays the keyboard, how he felt his addition to the band changes the sound of Smile And A Shoeshine.

Chris replied, “It pretty much makes it 10 times better, I think. . It adds an element of class to the music.”

Drummer Dominic B**** added, “It just fills it out more.”

The Aggie will host three awesome bands and a solo show on Dec. 1. Headlining is The Hot IQs, and next up is The Photo Atlas in the middle of this sexified gooey sandwich. The night finishes with Smile And A Shoeshine. And of course, the opener for this kicker is solo artist Jon Yeager.

This line-up seems like an Arcadefire-esque dance rock show, and for the most part it is. The Hot IQs is definitely a clap-along dance band and The Photo Atlas is probably one of Colorado’s best dance bands.

But then there is Smile And A Shoeshine on the bill. Smile is there offering a slyly juxtaposed addition; they are not dance band and the keyboard may throw one off, but they are still ROCK and nothing else. Find this Dec. 1.

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