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Nov 292006
Authors: Jeff Schwartz

Stranger than Fiction

Starring: Will Ferrell, Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson

Rated: PG-13

Running time: 1 hr. 53 min.

Summary: Will Ferrell plays against type in this comedic fantasy as a lonely IRS agent named Harold Crick who begins to hear the voice of an author (Thompson) inside his head. The voice is merely irritating until it unexpectedly announces that Harold’s imminent death is just around the corner. Fans of Ferrell in roles like Ron Burgundy and Ricky Bobby will be surprised that the actor is just as funny delivering wonderfully deadpan lines as he can while “trapped inside of a glass case of emotion.”

Happy Feet

Starring the voices of: Robin Williams, Hugh Jackman and Elijah Wood

Rated: PG

Running time: 1 hr. 40 min.

Summary: In this animated comedy featuring the voices of some very big name actors, a penguin aptly named Mumble (Wood) is born without the ability to sing, which means that he won’t be able to attract a mate when he becomes older. However, Mumble is a talented dancer and so he thus sets out to win true love with his feet rather than his voice. Though this one is primarily for the young’uns, it does feature Robin Williams in multiple roles, which should allow for some more adult humor in and amongst the kiddie stuff.

Fast Food Nation

Starring: Greg Kinnear, Bruce Willis and Wilmer Valderrama

Rated: R

Running time: 1 hr. 46 min.

Summary: In this fictionalized adaptation of Eric Schlosser’s muckraking expos/ of the fast food industry, Kinnear plays marketing executive for the multi-billion dollar company Mickey’s (which sounds vaguely similar to another ubiquitous fast food restaurant chain) who investigates a meat processing plant in Colorado where there is, purportedly, some “fecal matter” in the beef patties used to make Mickey’s hamburgers. This is a film that is sure to make you uncomfortable, both from its stomach-churning implications and from its satiric appraisal of modern America.

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