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Nov 282006

Not so Sonny anymore

First of all, I would like to thank Clint Oldenburg for understanding CSU football fans. I know it would be hard to play your last home game as a Ram in front of a small crowd, but I am glad he recognizes that it is not easy to watch a team that has disappointed fans not only this year, but for all four years I have been at CSU.

On that note, on behalf of Ram fans everywhere, I would like to ask Sonny

Lubick to resign as head coach of the CSU football team. I understand that it would be difficult for athletic director Paul Kowalczyk to fire a coach for whom the football stadium is named after. However, Sonny is no longer the same coach that revitalized the program in the early ’90s.

When Sonny took over the program in 1993, he inherited a team that had won an average of four games per year over the past 12 seasons. By 1994, he turned them into a 10-win team. They beat an Arizona team that was ranked No. 6 in the country and battled Michigan in the Holiday Bowl.

In 1997, the Rams went 11-2. The last dominant team the Rams had was in 2000, when they went 10-2, with the two losses coming by a combined total of seven points.

But, as most Ram fans know, it has been all down hill from there. The best team since us seniors have been on campus was the 2003 team, which only went 7-6.

Sonny has averaged less than five wins per season over the last three years.

Sure, we made a bowl game last year after going 6-6, but we were embarrassed by Navy, giving up 51 points in front of a national audience.

Perhaps the most compelling evidence that Sonny has lost his touch is our statistics from this year. In the past under coach Lubick, the Rams have used a solid, borderline dominant running game to set up play action passes and bootlegs. This year the Rams rank 113th in the nation in rushing yards per game. There are only 119 NCAA Division I-A teams. The most yards by a single player in a game this year – 75, by our quarterback, Caleb Hanie, in a loss to Utah. This inability to run the ball has made it easy for our opponents to stop our offense, and the defense can’t be expected to completely shut down the high-powered offenses in the Mountain West Conference.

The CSU football program owes a lot to coach Sonny Lubick. He turned our team around in the ’90s and made us a winning program, but now he is turning again, and this time in the wrong direction. He is no longer able to run his schemes effectively, and that has led to three straight seasons without a winning record. Thanks for the memories, Sonny, but instead of asking for a raise, please do the program a favor and let us move on to a new, post-Lubick era.

Dave Otten


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