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Nov 282006

There may be a few sham marriages in January if students want to keep their houses but avoid being in violation of the much-detested “three-unrelated” law.

Students should not be expected to enter into a fake marriage, reassess their living situation or be forced to walk out on a lease just because the city council has finally decided to step up enforcement of a decades-old occupancy limit ordinance, which prevents more than three people who are not related by blood, marriage, adoption or guardianship to live together.

While “three-unrelated” was intended to keep houses from looking like kennels and keep up health and safety codes, if you feel comfortable with the amount of people living with you, you should be able to live with them.

Families of unspecified numbers can live together, so why can’t a “family” of college students?

Sure, there are still places, “boarding house zones,” where more than three people can live together unafraid of the law, but limiting these areas and telling a large population of the Fort Collins community how they can live is an attack on their personal freedoms and puts community-student relations in danger.

How are we expected to listen to and respect the wishes of the city if it won’t do the same for us?

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