Nov 162006

When Mr. Hackett wrote that liberals are idealists and conservatives are realistic it got me thinking; are conservatives realistic or are they so down to earth that they have their heads stuck in the ground?

Many conservatives see things as they want them to be and not as they really are, as evidenced by the Iraq War.

True, we had the best intentions when going over there to free a repressed country, but the people we are trying to free don’t see it that way. The Bush White House can’t understand why the insurgency is growing stronger as more and more people are dying on both sides. The administration sees us as liberators but most Iraqis see us as a foreign power taking over their country and telling them how they should live.

Neoconservatives try to keep homosexuals from having equal rights and keep the nation without a national health care system. Every other western industrialized nation has some form of national health care system.

South Africa and Great Britain both acknowledge gay marriage and many more have legislation right now in the works to legalize it. Liberals may be idealists, but they move forward with the changing world while neoconservatives only see an ideal world that will never exist.

Ryan Dodson



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