Nov 142006
Authors: Adam Bohlmeyer

For many students, No Shave November is about letting the facial hair grow. But for a select few, it has taken on a new meaning -serving the community.

For Graham Button (who has reported for the Collegian) and other CSU students, No Shave November has turned into a chance to give back to the community. Button and others are getting people to give money in exchange for not shaving, donating profits to the Crossroads Safe House, the only domestic violence shelter in Larimer County.

Button, a junior liberal arts major, hopes to gather a good amount of money for the Safe House by asking students and members of the community to give.

“I have raised over $100 so far myself,” he said. “We don’t really have a goal, we are just trying to raise money.”

Button got the idea for raising money from Student Affairs and Higher Education.

“SAHE did this last year for donations,” Button said. “I just did the same thing this year.”

“My RA asked me to do it,” said Mike Logan, a freshman open-option major seeking business. “It was for a good cause, so I said I would.”

Michael Stone, director of donations for the shelter, says the Crossroads Safe House provides intervention to all victims of domestic violence to assist in the ending of abuse – specifically for women and children.

The shelter helps more than 400 people a year and is full almost year-round. Occupants are allowed to stay in the shelter for six weeks; then they are discharged. Many are put into transition houses for up to two years.

Much of the shelter’s funding comes from the community and donations, so they are happy to hear about the No Shave program, Stone said.

“(The program) sounds very interesting and intriguing,” he said. “We don’t get a lot of federal money, so donations help.”

The No Shave program is not exclusive to men. In fact, the program has about five female participants. Lauren Piesch is one of them.

“I started to do it because I thought it would be funny,” she said. “Then I found out the money was going to a woman’s shelter.”

Because face shaving is usually reserved for males, Piesch, a junior technical journalism major, will refrain from shaving her legs for the month of November.

The rules for the event are simple. Participants are not to shave from Nov. 1 through the end of the month. Men are not allowed to shave their face from their ears down. And women are not to shave either their legs or their under arms.

For the students donating their time and hair-growing abilities, No Shave November has become about the people they are helping.

“I wanted to do No Shave November anyway,” Button said. “This way it has a meaning and it is just not about not shaving.”

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