Nov 132006

Has anyone noticed when you ask for a 6-inch sub from Subway you get surprised with either a 4-inch sub or an 8-inch sub? Wanted: Math or engineering major to work head of line at Subway.

To the house of friendly bachelors along Prospect: Please get the unnatural amount of leaves off your lawn. Not only does it look terrible but I have a feeling they are blowing all over the place, even as I speak.

DEAR FRIEND, I am Mr. Joseph Poon, executive director of operations of the Hang Seng Bank Ltd., Sai Wan Ho Branch, 171 Shaukiwan Road Hong Kong.

To whoever wrote about their engineering TA: My chem. TA and I like increasing the entropy of lab benches … what about you guys?

You know, if basketball and other sports gave free parking to students like football does, I might go more often.

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