Nov 122006

Does putting your snowboard up in your dorm window make you really cool or just fade the bottom of the board and melt your wax?

At first I assumed the windshield sun glasses were used as disguises to fool some unknown CSU paparazzi. But I have recently been informed they are actually worn to prevent inopportune or un-cute facebook photos.

Don’t feel sorry for that squirrel I hit with a pen. After it finished giving me a dirty look, it scampered off and killed my family.

Is it bad or somewhat ironic that I don’t go to the Rec Center as often as I should because I don’t feel like walking to get there? I’ll work on that.

I think that football game attendance would increase if the canon shot real canon balls or even a man wearing a cape.

They need to come out with a “Best of Negative Political Ads” DVD set. As much as we get sick of them right now, won’t we want to look back at the truly inspirational ones and have them preserved for all generations?

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