Nov 092006

Collaboration is usually a good thing.

And the ambitious plans that the university and the city have for “creating lasting, sustainable, meaningful connections between CSU, Downtown and the Poudre River” certainly could have the potential for making our little world tucked away at the base of the Rockies a better place.

We just hope that with this collaboration comes a genuine concern for the interests of CSU students.

Yeah, we’re sure we’ll have a figurehead student representative on some panel or other. Kudos to that.

But really, we need a voice that will fight for the interests of students

on pertinent issues.

Take, for instance, the three-unrelated rule, which has caused unfair financial hardship to Rams living on tight budgets.

So while the CSU administration should be commended for doing its part to strengthen community relations, it should also never forget its true constituents: CSU students.

And students are hurting because of the illogical and discriminatory three-unrelated law.

Granted, there are rowdy, immature, inconsiderate students who have no concern for their neighbors. They are the problem. And having three of them next door to you, we posit, is only slightly better than four.

Conversely, having four decent, mature, considerate students isn’t any worse than having three.

Three unrelated aside, we simply hope the CSU administration doesn’t forget the students it really represents.

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