The Vanity

Nov 082006
Authors: Matthew Azrael Martin KCSU

Just after a tour in L.A., The Vanity are on their way up to Fort Collins to star as the opening act at the Jimi Austin CD release show at the Aggie. How much are tickets? It’s free!

I got a chance to review their four song self-titled EP. I reacted to it like it fell out of the ’80s fun rock scene without trying to be as hip as the ’80s. Good ol’ stuff like Tears For Fears and even a little U2 can be heard from these guys.

It’s the drums that tie it all together and give it that dance beat, but the guitars and simple bass lines keep it from coming off as lame rip-offs.

Then there is the vocal mask of the band: Brandon Paluska and Kamtin Mohager supply heartfelt empathetic male vocals. I promise The Vanity is no emo crap rock; they are truly giving rock another chance.

This Denver based quartet is comprised of Paluska on vocals/guitar; Kamruz Mohager, guitar; Kamtin Mohager, bass/vocals; and Kamyab Mohager, drums, yep that’s three brothers and a best friend. The Vanity will be stopping by The Local Loco Show tonight for a bit just before their sound check; if you want to tune in the interview will be played at 7 p.m. on 90.5 KCSU FM.

P.S. Attention DeVotchKa fans! I, the pious local music director that I am, have done all that I can to bring DeVotchKa here to CSU. That is to say that they will be in next week on KCSU for a live interview and a live set!

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