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Nov 052006
Authors: Amy Robinson

With five people’s names on the ballot, Coloradans have a smorgasbord of choices in Tuesday’s governor’s race. In addition to the three candidates already featured in the Collegian – Democrat Bill Ritter, Republican Bob Beauprez and Paul Fiorino, who is unaffiliated – two others are running.

Clyde Harkins

Clyde Harkins offers a perspective some people might view as radical. The American Constitution Party member, who has been politically active in Colorado for more than 20 years, is an anti-tax activist. He has run for other political offices in the past, including for Colorado’s secretary of state.

Limiting state and local tax spending, Harkins said, is not the only issue he believes in strongly. Harkins said he and the members of his party believe abortion is murder and immigration is part of the “globalists’ plan to balkanize America.”

Harkins defined globalism as the “spiritual, economic, political and cultural system that is run by a small group (known as the elite).” The candidate said globalists are planning to take over the world.

“The 50 states will be divided into six to eight regions,” the Arvada resident said. “They are going to reorganize the borders.”

He explained America’s problems come from outsourcing versus insourcing.

“If there is no industry, we become slaves. If there are no products, then there is no base,” Harkins said. “The standard of living goes down. All wealth comes from the land.”

Besides reorganizing borders and stealing America’s wealth, globalists are planning on placing chips or radio identification in people, he said.

“They want to enslave everybody and know every single thing about them. They will tag us like animals and follow us,” he said.

“Congress is a bought and sold prostitution industry.The Bill of Rights was created to protect the unalienable rights from God,” he said. “When a state of emergency is declared, there is no Declaration of Independence, no Bill of Rights. We don’t have a chance.”

All of this is not taught in school, Harkins added. He said school is the “biggest brainwashing beast ever created.”

“The system only teaches what it needs to control you. I’m outside of the box. I see the bigger picture,” he said. “Only 3 percent of the population knows the other ways of the system.”

Harkins said he understands that his thinking may be viewed as radical.

“The truth is radical,” he said. “If you go back to the root of the word, it means to go back to the foundational principles.”

The gubernatorial candidate added the American Constitution Party would like to restore the Bill of Rights and Constitution back to their original integrity.

Harkins quoted George Orwell: “In an age of universal deception, the man who will tell the truth performs a truly revolutionary act.”

Dawn Winkler

This 35-year-old mother and staff accountant hails from Gunnison. She has taken a tough stance against immigration, saying immigrants should not receive any benefits and employers who knowingly hire them should be held accountable.

“As a Libertarian, I am for smaller government,” she said.

Winkler said committee chairs sometimes have too much power, which leads to a blatant disregard of public input.

The candidate supports Amendment 38, which makes it easier to petition the government and get initiatives on the ballot.

Her political experience includes 10 years in Washington state, where Winkler and a group of activists successfully protested against the government’s attempts to make the Hepatitis A vaccine mandatory.

Winkler has a personal connection to her crusade against vaccinations. The Libertarian candidate said she believes her 5 1/2-month-old daughter, Hailey Lynn, died from mercury poisoning found within her vaccinations.

Winkler has also been involved with politics in California, where she helped stop Hepatitis A and the Prevnar, meant to vaccinate against meningitis and blood infections, from becoming mandatory. In Colorado, she helped get a bill to ban mercury in vaccines to the table last session.

The 35-year-old said she supports more freedom within the health care system. She was against a bill in Colorado allowing vaccination status to be tracked. Winkler said the bill violated individual’s privacy.

“You cannot opt out, they don’t have to ask you and they now have permission to contact you if you are not up to date on vaccines,” Winkler said. “It is a waste of money and a violation of privacy and will lead to harassment.”

She emphasized that democratic gubernatorial candidate, Bill Ritter, is “the epitome of Big Brother,” in regard to tracking vaccines.

Winkler also supports abortion rights. The only female gubernatorial candidate said that abortion is not a black-and-white issue, like some of her opponents are trying to make it.

“If you speak with the people I have worked with in the past, they’ll tell you I am consistent,” she said. “I say what I mean and mean what I say. There are no contradictions.”

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