Nov 052006

I feel sorry for the person who installed the computer stations in LSC and the hallways of some of the buildings. They accidentally labeled them “e-mail stations” instead of “Facebook stations.”

I think we should follow suit like that of SAE – when someone from the dorms goes to detox we should kick the dorm off campus!!

Seeing as the kicker scored the only points on Saturday, we can’t blame him. Maybe we should start looking for a new offense.

To the person who is jealous of five-starred Leo’s, don’t feel bad. One day you too will have five stars! And be able to laugh at the lesser-starred world!

Proof the apocalypse is impending: I just witnessed a clan of squirrels attempting to hijack a pink Huffy. Oh the plight.

Can the No. 11 bus driver please stop slamming on her brakes for no reason? I am tired of almost falling.

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